Indiana Jones Movie Logo/Text Effect

I thought we would celebrate the upcoming release of Indiana Jones IV, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by learning how to remake the awesome Indiana Jones text! So, I’m going to attempt to remake the text effect used in the posters and promotional images 😛

Please note that attempt is emphasized above! This is as close as I could get it, I hope it’s good enough!

Indiana Jones Movie Text - Photoshop Tutorial

Add Stock Textures to Images for extra ‘Oomph’

In this little Photoshop tutorial we’ll be designing a quick art piece, then we’ll be adding some texture to it, this is to demonstrate the use of texture in artwork, as you may be able to see in works from people such as GoMedia. Obviously this method will work better with some things and not so well with others, so please try to use it in moderation, if you will.

Add Texture to Artwork for that extra Oomph

Yes, my opinion may be a little bit biased in the above image, but you know, you get the point 🙂

Glossy & Shiny (Highlight) Effects

In this simple Photoshop tutorial we’ll be looking at a simple technique that’s quite popular at the moment. The technique is using gradients/brushes to make soft highlights/glows on things, it’s particularly popular with some styles of forum skins. You can see the end result of this tutorial below.

Glossy & Shiny Effects (Photoshop Tutorial)