Smooth, Simple Glossy Navigation Bar

In this very easy Photoshop tutorial we’ll be learning how to design a nice, sleek navigation bar that you can use on your website design. This is a beginner tutorial, so if you’re an intermediate or professional Photoshop user, I’m not sure you’ll be learning from this 😉

1. Create a New Document

First, start by making a new document in which you can make this sleek navigation bar! (I used a regular template size of (800×1000, but you might want to use a much smaller size for this tutorial.)

2. Create the Bar

Start by creating a new layer. Now make a selection inside of your document, fill your selection with #52A1C4.

Now please apply the following Gradient Overlay in the blending options/layer styles:

3. Add a Glossy Shine

Create a new layer and select the main bar layer (CTRL + Click layer thumbnail) now contract the selection down 1 pixel by going to Select > Modify > Contract in the menu.

After contracting the selection, find and get out the Gradient Tool () and set the gradient to Foreground to Transparent gradient

From the top of the selection make a gradient into the middle area like so:

Now a much smaller gradient at the bottom:

Change the layer mode for your gradient layer to Overlay, and lower the opacity if necesary.

4. Adding some Text

For the text I used: Tahoma, 11 pt, Bold, White with a 100% Drop Shadow as shown in the below image:

My finished product:

Thanks very much for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, even if only a little bit.

And thanks for visiting PhotoshopStar, your source for free Photoshop tutorials.