Photo Editing

Learn how Photoshop can help you improve or modify your photos with our easy photo editing and retouching tutorials. Our step-by-step tutorials focus on the best tools and techniques that you can use.

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How to Duplicate Professional Camera Filter in Photoshop

Professional photographers who makes pictures of the night the city can use different filters in their professional camera to achieve certain effect on the photo. What to do when there is no professional equipment? In this way Photoshop can help…

Photo Manipulation

Would you like to make creative photo manipulation? If yes, then this tutorial special for you!

Broken Dreams

Are you interesting in professional combining photo and picture? Then this quick tutorial special for you.

Color Correction Photos

In this quick Photoshop tutorial I’ll teach you how to make right color correction on your photos.

“Perfectum” Beautiful Photo Effect

The goal of this Photoshop tutorial is, in a very simple way teach even the Photoshop beginners how to add a very immense, beautiful photo effect to your cherished photos. In my experience this is great for the wives that…