Stars Candy Text Effect

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use a stars-candy texture to create a nice stars candy text effect.

Final Image Preview

Stars Candy Text Effect


Step 1

Open the “hetedeik.png” image from the 8 wooden patterns set, then go to Edit -> Define Pattern.

Stars Candy Text Effect 1

Create a new 1024 x 768 px document, and fill the Background with the wood pattern.

Stars Candy Text Effect 2

Place the Grungy Cracked Wall texture on top of the Background, and change its layer’s Blend Mode to Soft Light.

Stars Candy Text Effect 3

Step 2

Use the Horizontal Type Tool (T) to create your text in Black. The font used is ‘Hobo Std’, and the size is 200 pt.

Stars Candy Text Effect 4

Go to Edit -> Transform -> Warp, choose Arc from the Warp drop down menu, and set the Bend value to 30. Hit Enter to accept the changes.

Stars Candy Text Effect 5

Duplicate the text layer, and make the original one invisible (by clicking the eye icon next to it).

Stars Candy Text Effect 6

Right click on the copy text layer and choose Rasterize Type.

Stars Candy Text Effect 7

The text is no longer editable now, so make sure to modify the text before this step.

Stars Candy Text Effect 8

Step 3

Use the Lasso Tool to select the first letter. Make sure the copy (rasterized) text layer is selected (active).

Stars Candy Text Effect 9

Press Ctrl/Cmd + J to duplicate the letter to a separate layer, then rename the duplicated layer to whatever letter it has.

Stars Candy Text Effect 10

Do the same thing for the rest of the letters. Don’t forget to select the rasterized text layer each time before pressing Ctrl/Cmd + J.

Stars Candy Text Effect 11

Step 4

Place the Sweet Stars texture on top of all layers, rename its layer to “Texture”, and make the rasterized text layer invisible, so that only the separate letters layers are visible.

Stars Candy Text Effect 12

Duplicate the “Texture” layer then make it invisible. Resize (Edit -> Transform -> Scale) the texture (in the “Texture copy” layer) so that it almost covers one letter only.

Stars Candy Text Effect 13

Press Ctrl/Cmd key, and click on the first letter layer’s thumbnail (icon) to create a selection.

Stars Candy Text Effect 14

Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool OR the Magnetic Lasso Tool (L), whichever one you prefer, to Add missing parts of the stars on the edges or Subtract those extra ones from the selection you have (click the Add to Selection or Subtract from Selection icons in the Options bar to do so).

This doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s fine if you forgot some parts, as you can still fix those in the following Steps. Just try to cover as much stars as possible, and take your time in this Step.

Stars Candy Text Effect 15

Once you’re done, click the “Redifine Edge” button in the Options bar.

Stars Candy Text Effect 16

Modify the Smooth and Contrast values till the edges are soft, then click OK.

Stars Candy Text Effect 17

Press Ctrl/Cmd + J to duplicate the selected texture on a separate layer. You can make the “Texture copy” layer invisible to see how the texture looks, but don’t forget to make it visible once again (by clicking in the empty square next to the layer) before moving on to the next step.

Stars Candy Text Effect 18

Step 5

Move the texture to cover the next letter. You can as well rotate it (Edit -> Transform -> Rotate), and always hit Enter to accept changes when you’re done.

Stars Candy Text Effect 19

Repeat the same steps till you have a texture for all of the letters, each one on a separate layer.

Stars Candy Text Effect 20

Now, use any of the Lasso Tools to select a couple of stars from the texture. Choose ones that are not missing any parts, in different agles and colors, to add them to the letters.

Stars Candy Text Effect 21

Redifine the selection Edges, then press Ctrl/Cmd + J to duplicate those stars into a separate layer, and rename it to “Stars”. Once you’re done, make the “Texture copy” layer invisible.

Stars Candy Text Effect 22

Step 6

Select a star using the Lasso Tool, duplicate it to a separate layer (Ctrl/Cmd + J), then move it around to fill in the empty edges. You can make as many copies as you need of each star, and you can rotate and scale them as well. Try to cover all the empty areas in the letters’ texture.

Stars Candy Text Effect 23

You can use the Eraser Tool to get rid of any unwanted parts.

Stars Candy Text Effect 24

This step might take a while, but it’s important to make sure no areas are empty or incomplete, so take your time.

Stars Candy Text Effect 25

When you’re done, select all the Stars texture layers, and press Ctrl/Cmd + E (Layer -> Merge Layers) to have the texture in one layer. Rename the merged layer to “Stars-Final”.

Stars Candy Text Effect 26

Make all other text layers invisible.

Stars Candy Text Effect 27

You might notice some areas that still need to be erased, so go ahead and do so.

Stars Candy Text Effect 28

Step 7

Duplicate the “Stars-Final” layer.

Stars Candy Text Effect 29

Set the Foreground and Background colors to Black and White, then go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise, and change the values as shown below:

Stars Candy Text Effect 30

Change the “Stars-Final copy” layer’s Blend Mode to Soft Light.

Stars Candy Text Effect 31

Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation (Ctrl/Cmd + U), and set the Saturation to -80.

Stars Candy Text Effect 32

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur, and set the Raduis to 5. This will soften the texture

Stars Candy Text Effect 33

Step 8

Double click on the “Stars-Final” layer to add some shadows. Start with Drop Shadow, and use the default values.

Stars Candy Text Effect 34

Then, add Inner Shadow. Change the color to #a7a7a7, and the Distance to 0.

Stars Candy Text Effect 35

This will add depth to the texture.

Stars Candy Text Effect 36

Click the Create a new fill or adjustment layer icon down the Layers panel, and choose Photo Filter.

Stars Candy Text Effect 37

Choose the Sepia Filter.

Stars Candy Text Effect 38

Create a new layer right below the Photo Filter Layer and call it “Radial Gradient”. Set the Foreground color to #595959, choose the Foreground to Transparent Gradient, and check the Reverse box. Create a Radial Gradient from the center of the document to one of the corners, and change the layer’s Blend Mode to Overlay and its Opacity to 80%.

Stars Candy Text Effect 39

Finally, click the Ceate a new fill or adjustment layer icon again, but this time choose Levels, and make sure to place the Levels layer right on top of the Background layer.

Stars Candy Text Effect 40

change the Highlights value to 235 to brighten up the Background a bit, and that’s it!

Stars Candy Text Effect 41

Final Image

This is the final result. You can use the same technique with any other type of candy or food texture to create other delicious text effects!

Stars Candy Text Effect

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