Elegant Leather Style Text Effect

Elegant Leather Style Text Effect

Would you like to create elegant semitransparent text effect on leather texture? No problem! This tutorial special for you. I will explain you how to create this effect using blending options in Photoshop.

First of all, using Google search find some appropriate image to create the texture from it. I prefer to use this one. Also feel free to use your own pictures. Now create a new document sized 1000×500 pixels and bring out picture into it.

Elegant Leather Style 01

Duplicate this layer with Ctrl+J and move two of these layers like on picture below. Use the Eraser Tool and a soft round brush with brush size about 100 px to make texture edges softer.

Elegant Leather Style 02

Ok, merge two of these layers. Now I would like to begin stylization process. To change the color use Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation with similar settings to these:

Elegant Leather Style 03

Your image should look like mine:

Elegant Leather Style 04

Now I would like to make the texture more contrast. For this effect use Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast with the next presets:

Elegant Leather Style 05

See the difference:

Elegant Leather Style 06

To finish off stylization process apply Inner Glow layer style for your texture layer:

Elegant Leather Style 07

Now we have something like this:

Elegant Leather Style 08

Alright, time to write out your text. I’ll just be using the font called Arial Black (230 pt, Sharp). Write out something like on a picture below in the middle of canvas using Horizontal Type Tool.

Elegant Leather Style 09

Before you will start to create leather style text effect you need to find some texture for this text effect or feel free to use mine. Open up this texture. I think we can bring more interesting effect to this texture. Create a new file sized 75Ñ…225 pixels and copy the texture onto it. Then using the Rectangular Marquee Tool create selection like on a picture below and fill it with black to transparent linear gradient:

Elegant Leather Style 10

Then use Edit > Define Pattern to save this picture as pattern. We can close this file without saving. Also you need to create one more texture. Create a new document sized 10×10 pixels and using the Pencil Tool draw black and white squares like below:

Elegant Leather Style 11

Use Edit > Define Pattern again to save this picture as pattern. Go back to our created file and apply the Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Contour, Texture, Satin, Pattern Overlay and Stroke layer styles to this text layer:

Elegant Leather Style 12

Elegant Leather Style 13

Elegant Leather Style 14

Elegant Leather Style 15

Elegant Leather Style 16

Elegant Leather Style 17

Elegant Leather Style 18

Elegant Leather Style 19

Elegant Leather Style 20

And now we have the text style like this one below:

Elegant Leather Style 21

Well, I think I’ve pretty much explained all I can for this tutorial. Enjoy!

Elegant Leather Style 22

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