Photo Collage from Color to Black and White Effect

Photo Collage

Here is one interesting tutorial where I will show u how to create small photo collage and apply color and black and white effects together. If are you interesting, let’s read and make!

Firstly, start by finding a stock photos that you can add the effect to. A couple of good resources to find free stock photos are: stock.xchange and DeviantART. First of all find the photo of interior with sofa and another one will be the photo of the dog. If you want to use your own pictures, feel free to use it and experiment with composition. Open the photo of the dog and try to separate the silhouette from the background with Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Photo Collage 01

Now, copy selected part of image with Ctrl+C, then open the picture with sofa and paste (press Ctrl+V) copied fragment from the first photo to the second.

Photo Collage 02

After that reduce copied fragment about 30% horizontally and vertically

Photo Collage 03

Bulldog does not look realistic in the background. We should fix this problem. Right click on the current layer in palette thumbnails and apply such Blending Options:
• Drop Shadow:

Photo Collage 04

This layer style should be saved on the new layer as separate effect to have an opportunity to work with in future. Apply Layer > Layer Style > Create Layer to divide this layer style from the main layer. Go to the new separated layer with drop shadow (under the current layer) and use the Smudge Tool to transform it a little bit as on my picture below.

Photo Collage 05

After that apply the Eraser Tool and a soft round brush to clear shadow, which is located behind the dog outside floor.

Photo Collage 06

Go to the layer with dog again and apply following Blending Options to it:
• Inner Glow

Photo Collage 07

See the result on the picture below:

Photo Collage 08

After that get out the Burn Tool (Brush: 50 px, Range: Midtones, Exposure: 30%) and obscure the back of the dog, which is in the shade.

Photo Collage 09

I think, It will be better to add the text, get out the Horizontal Type Tool and write out the text using green (#dcea78) color.

Photo Collage 10

Ok, merge all layers in one and duplicate with Ctrl+J. Then we need to desaturate copied layer. We can do this by using Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

Photo Collage 11

Now we have black and white photo and one color photo under. I’m going to mix two of these photos in the next way: select the Eraser Tool and use some soft round points to clear black and white image partly.

Photo Collage 12

Then use the Custom Shape Tool to add different sizes white animal prints.

Photo Collage 13

Now, merge all of prints in one layer and change layer mode to Overlay. Also set up opacity to 20%.

Photo Collage 14

I’m sorry, but tutorial is over. Hope, you had fun with it and learned something new. Good luck!

Photo Collage 15

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