Cool Neon Glow

Cool Neon Glow

Here is one more short, but very useful tutorial about creating neon glowing effect using just Photoshop tools.

Very simple! First of all, create a new documend sized 500×500 pixels and fill it with black color.

Cool Neon Glow 01

After that select the Custom Shape Tool and select one of the standard Photoshop custom shapes, what you can see below:

Cool Neon Glow 02

Create the same shape on your canvas, using white color.

Cool Neon Glow 03

Ok, move to the next step. Use the Horizontal Type Tool to write out the text, what you can see on my screenshot below.

Cool Neon Glow 04

In the above image I’ve used a font called Incised901 NdIt BT, which is sadly a commercial font. Feel free to use another font or buy or ‘get’ a nice font from somewhere if you don’t have it. Then merge text layer with custom shape layer and duplicate new layer with Ctrl+J. Apply Filter > Pixelate > Fragment to the copied layer.

Cool Neon Glow 05

Apply two more times this filter with pressing Ctrl+F two of times.

Cool Neon Glow 06

Ok, then we need to enlarge current layer a little bit. Use Edit > Transform > Free Transform and set up following settings for this layer on the preferences panel:

Cool Neon Glow 07

Now, we have very interesting effect like this one:

Cool Neon Glow 08

After that go to the original layer under and set up opacity to 40% for this layer.

Cool Neon Glow 09

Merge this layer with copied layer above and change it color using Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation with following presets:

Cool Neon Glow 10

See the difference now:

Cool Neon Glow 11

Go to the next step. I think, this effect will looks better with some layer style, for example, Outer Glow

Cool Neon Glow 12

Finished result you can see here:

Cool Neon Glow 13

We are done for this tutorial! If you have any questions at all, please fill out the form below and submit a comment, I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Cool Neon Glow 14